Welcome to Holy Spirit Center's new website!

As the season outside reminds us, all things change.  While we were content with our old website, we recently  found ourselves in a technological deadlock. New, secure credit-card processing technology was beyond the capability of our old site.  Through the generosity and professional knowledge of our web designer, we found ourselves with a fresh new website, updated technology and monthly savings.  Our lesson? One - as ever, we are grateful to the Holy Spirit Center’s supporters. Two – we are reminded, when faced with change, to face it with a cheerful and curious heart.  

One of the new features of this website is this, our Staff blog.  We look forward to letting you know a little more about the Holy Spirit Center, our mission as part of the Archdiocese, and the events that happen here.

As the season outside reminds us, all things change.  Our Maintenance Manager, Chuck, was able to complete the last mowing of the grounds for the season quickly and entirely repair-free, thanks to everyone who contributed to the fund for the new lawnmower.  Soon after that, the leaves began falling and our annual moose visitations started.  So far, we have had a cow and twin calves, one small and one large bull, who have been nibbling the hedges and bushes around the Center.

Watching local wildlife browse peacefully around the grounds is one of the pleasures of being here at the Center.  One of our less frequent wildlife sightings was the twin black bear cubs and their protective mother, spotted trying to get into our dumpster.  They were unsuccessful in their attempt, but did manage to entertain three Little Sisters of Jesus and a Marian Consecration Retreat group from St. Andrews.  These groups of ladies were different in a lot of ways, but while here, their goals were the same; to become closer to God.  It was a pleasure to host them and share Holy Spirit Center with them.

As the Little Sisters prepared to leave, snow began falling, and we finished our last getting-ready-for- winter chores.  Buckets of sand and snow shovels are near each door, the plow is attached to the truck, and the mower deck is switched out for the snow blower.  We also began preparations for our next guests, the Opus Angelorum retreat.  The Opus Angelorum group has been holding their fall retreat with us for at least the past decade, and we look forward to seeing them every year.  As we bid farewell to the Opus Angelorum group, we looked forward to another weekend with the Deacon Candidates.  This program holds a monthly retreat here September through June.  We have two groups this month; a new group that started last month, and a group that will finish the program in June.  It is a privilege to be able to host these folks as they move through their discernment and training.

We’ll finish October with our next retreat offering, A Dialogue of Life and Faith, led by Fr. Flores.  Some of the many things we look forward to in November will be Thanksgiving and the beginning of Advent. Tom, our Resident Host, is also patiently awaiting enough snow to begin his cross-country skiing season.  It’s a topic of good-natured banter at lunch; the no-snow-yet side hoping for a few more clear days, the pro-snow side serene in the knowledge that yes, it will inevitably snow.   The seasons change, as all things do, and we do our best to face those changes with cheerful and curious hearts.