Non-human guests at Holy Spirit Center

One of the pleasures of Holy Spirit Center is the chance to observe wildlife here.  We get to watch moose, birds and an occasional bear roam the grounds.  Two weeks ago, a very pregnant cow moose seemed to be in labor under the Library windows, before she walked uphill to the Stations of the Cross.  She hasn't been spotted since, but we suspect she and a new calf are somewhere on the grounds.

As a reminder to all visitors to Holy Spirit Center, please do not approach any wild animals, especially young ones.  If you are walking the Stations, we suggest you speak or sing your prayers aloud.  It doesn't have to be very loud, but it will alert any animals well before you can surprise them.  If you are have a dog with you, please be sure it is under leash or voice control, for your own safety.

Thank you for your consideration.  We want all visitors to Holy Spirit Center to enjoy a safe and peaceful time.