Intensive Centering Prayer Retreat - January 12-19, 2018

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Intensive Centering Prayer Retreat - January 12-19, 2018

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You are invited to participate in a silent Centering Prayer Retreat in an 8-day format.
This silent 8-day retreat will be an Intensive Centering Prayer retreat featuring selected videos by Thomas Keating from his original Spiritual Journey Series.  The purpose of the retreat is to ground people in their Centering Prayer practice and help them go deeper.  It will follow the video format used at St. Benedict’s Monastery in Snowmass, CO. 

This retreat includes private rooms, solo quiet time and silent communal meals. There will be opportunities for private interviews with staff, Lectio Divina, and a Taize service. 

Participants should be familiar with the method of Centering Prayer. 

8-day retreat: $650 (7pm Friday to 1pm Friday)
5-day retreat: $350 (7pm Friday to 1pm Tuesday)
3-day retreat: $215 (7pm Friday to 1pm Sunday)

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